Under the guidance of the Grainery Church, Grainery Care launched the Grainery Family Centre in 2016. The Family Centre is not a “centre” as in a place to visit, but a “centre” as in a gathering together of many services, people and resources all aimed at restoring individuals to health and well-being, restoring families to wholeness, and bringing guidance, enrichment and support to marriages.
The key will be a series of PROACTIVE interventions in the lives of individuals, couples and families, through the provision of courses and support groups, which bring growth, encouragement and deepened relationships. You will discover new tools for making marriages better, improving parenting and dealing with life’s challenges, as well as finding new people to help you along the way.
Current Courses
To find out which support groups, services and courses are being conducted currently, please call the Grainery Office on 49695557


Restoring individuals to health and well-being. Restoring families to wholeness. 
Bringing guidance, enrichment and support to marriages
Proactive engagement in
Providing restoration by offering support, healing and education for individuals, couples and families, in the context of their most intimate relationships,

Revealing and restoring the God-given destiny of healthy families, as the foundation of healthy societies

GFC Structure

The Centre is under the oversight Paul West; Chairman of Grainery Care, who has overall responsibility for the GFC policies, programs and practices. He is supported by coordinators who oversee and develop the running of strategic areas of ministry; and facilitators who run courses and programs in support of the vision and mission of the GFC.

Services which cannot be provided by the GFC will be referred to supporting Professionals/Advocates who will provide professional services in support of the GFC clients, and advocacy in referring clients to complementary services and ministries along with personal discipling.

Scope of The Grainery Family Centre 


Marriage Preparation Courses eg Alpha Marriage Preparation
 Marriage Preparation Pastoring eg Prepare/Enrich
Marriage Enrichment Courses eg Careforce Lifekeys “Making Marriage Better” or the “Alpha Marriage Course”
Prayer Ministry
Referral to professional counselors – list of recommended professionals


Connect Groups
Support Group – “Divorce Care”
Prayer Ministry
Referral to professional counselors – list of recommended professionals Grainery Mentoring Program


Grief Support Group – “Grief Share”
Grief Recovery Courses eg Seasons for Life                                              
Referral to Grainery families.


Parenting Courses
Circle of Security                                                                                                          
Lifekeys “Kids with Courage”                                                                                      
Alpha “Parenting Children” and “Parenting Teenagers”                           
 Prayer Ministry                                                                                        
Referral to professional counselors – list of recommended professionals Grainery Mentoring Program
Mums and Kids Group
Conception to Birth

Healthy Individuals

Life Care Courses                                                                                    
 Careforce Lifekeys Courses  eg  Search for Life , Man to Man, Woman to Woman, Search for Intimacy, Valiant Man


Follow-up After Courses

After each course there is follow up available for those seeking further help.