58 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW.

Ph: 49695557 (Mon – Tues) 49674777 (Wed – Fri)

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Grainery Care is to help people in need to find

“Life in all its fullness”

We envision individuals finding life in all its fullness, becoming an integral part of a community, and making a positive impact on their world

Leadership Team:

Grainery Care is administered and led by a Committee in line with NSW Associations law. It is the community outreach arm of the Grainery Christian Network and operates under the leadership and guidance of the Grainery.

Paul West – Chairman


Paul heads up the Committee and oversees the various departments of Grainery Care. He has been a school teacher and leader for over 35 years and a church pastor for 16 years. In particular he works closely in the RESPONSE ministry (Refugee Sponsorship and Settlement), a service to the local Swahili speaking community, mainly people who have come as refugees from Central African countries. The Grainery Family Centre is also directly under his oversight.

Loraine Outridge

MNAdvP (Mental Health). MHN. RN. Cert Addiction Studies

Loraine is an accredited mental health nurse. With her husband, Dr David Outridge, she has been providing medical and social services in the Hunter region for over thirty years. As the founders of Grainery Care (previously known as “Coalfields Diakonia”), the Outridges have a long commitment to helping those in necessitous circumstances.

Sandy Curwood

As a TAFE teacher and local business woman, Sandy brings a wealth of experience to Grainery Care. She is vitally involved in the fundraising activities of the charity and provides invaluable practical support.
Colleen Johnston
Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of Biblical Theology
Colleen is a supervisor at the Grainery Care Centre, where she provides prayer ministry to people who are broken and in need of emotional healing. She was on the leadership team at Ellel Ministries Australia for several years and was also one of their key ministry personnel. Colleen is the treasurer of Grainery Care and has had extensive leadership in financial and administrative management of churches and Christian ministries. 
Christine Oberg
Christine has been involved over many years, in a broad spectrum of community welfare work, counselling and pastoral care. Christine is actively involved in the Grainery Family Centre, lending her extensive expertise to the organising committee and co-facilitating many of the support groups and courses.
Peta Schneider
Peta is the charity secretary and attends meetings ex-officio as she is also employed to manage the Grainery Care Centre and handles all of the charities accounts.
What we believe:

Grainery Care is a Christian charity and, as such, operates within a biblical world-view, offering help and care to all in need as per the teachings of Matthew 25:34-40. The Charity is the community care arm of the Grainery Christian Network, an independent evangelical/charismatic church in Steel River, Newcastle NSW. For more information on the Christian beliefs of the Grainery go to

Please download our full doctrinal statement.